William Saliba’s own self-assessment may explain Didier Deschamps’ decision on Arsenal star

William Saliba will not be playing for France in their second match of the 2022 World Cup against Denmark because he was not selected for the starting lineup.

Didier Deschamps’ decision to leave the Arsenal defender on the substitutes bench once again shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering what occurred the last time Les Bleus faced Denmark, which just so happened to be 62 days ago in a match for the UEFA Nations League. In all honesty, Didier Deschamps’ decision shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Saliba did not have a good night, but the game ended with the hosts coming out on top by a score of two goals to none. As Raphael Varane of Manchester United was not available, he made his fourth start for the France national team. However, after a less than convincing first half, he was hauled off at half-time along with Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga. Camavinga was the other player to be substituted.

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As Deschamps explained, the reason behind his decision to withdraw the two youngsters at the break was because of their lack of experience, and he even appeared to hint at his team selection process for the tournament in Qatar. The tournament will take place in Qatar.

Deschamps stated to TF1 after the game, “I don’t think it’s a shipwreck, we also had a lot of chances, but we were ineffective, we made some errors when playing out from the back.” “It’s a young French side, and the majority of the players haven’t competed at the very highest level before,” the announcer said.

It is not a question of formations, but when you have four corners and a Danish player is left alone each time, it makes no difference whether you play with three, five, or twelve defenders at the back. There is no need to be concerned because the return of the players who have competed on a national and international level will be beneficial to us.

“There was a string of four [instances] where they put us in jeopardy. ” Perhaps it was an act of naivety on our part, and Denmark did a good job of blocking shots, but this shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in the first place. There are situations that occur repeatedly. There were three separate instances in which Thomas Delaney and Andreas Christensen were able to enjoy their freedom without anyone else present. At the highest level, those actions will result in punishment.

It should come as no surprise that Deschamps, with that game still very much fresh in his memory, has decided to recall Varane to the starting line-up and keep Saliba on the bench as the reigning world champions prepare to face Denmark, who have shown themselves to be a difficult opponent for the French team in recent meetings.

In addition, the Frenchman discussed his World Cup call-up in the video titled “Behind the scenes at the Arsenal 2022 World Cup shoot,” which was uploaded to YouTube. In that video, he made a reference to the game that was played against Denmark: He was honest enough to say, “No, because I didn’t play very well in the most recent game.” I was uncertain, brother. However, it could have been the previous three or four games, particularly some of those contests, that first gave me hints that I would be included in the squad.

Saliba’s self-evaluation suggests that he would have understood Deschamps’ call as perhaps he is being saved from another struggle, but this time on football’s biggest stage. This is because France is looking to end a run of three games without a win against Denmark. Saliba’s self-evaluation indicates that he would have understood Deschamps’ call.

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