This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification

This Phone Number Cannot Be Used for Verification
Recently, many people have been receiving error messages while trying to use their phone number to verify accounts or register for services. This is because phone numbers have become a popular target for scammers and hackers. In this article, we will discuss why this is happening and what you can do to protect yourself.

Why Phone Numbers Can’t Be Used for Verification

Phone numbers are typically used in two-factor authentication, a security measure that requires users to enter a code received via text message or phone call before they can access an account or service. Unfortunately, scammers and hackers have found ways to exploit this system.

They can use special software to spam large numbers of phone numbers with verification codes. This can lead to users receiving multiple verification codes, even if they haven’t requested them. It can also lead to the verification codes being blocked by carriers, as the codes may be seen as suspicious activity.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

The best way to protect yourself is to use an alternative verification method. Some services allow you to use an email address or a third-party authentication service such as Google Authenticator.

It is also important to be aware of phishing scams. These are attempts by scammers to get you to enter your personal information, such as your phone number, by sending you fake emails or messages. Be sure to check the sender’s email address before entering any information.


Phone numbers can no longer be used for verification due to scammers and hackers exploiting the system. To protect yourself, you should use an alternative method of verification or be aware of phishing scams.

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