Soccer Field Dimensions Feet: The Ultimate Guide for Soccer Enthusiasts

Hello Readers! Are you a soccer enthusiast looking to learn more about soccer field dimensions in feet? Look no further, because in this article, we will provide you with the ultimate guide to soccer field dimensions. We’ll cover everything from the standard soccer field size to the different variations and regulations. So, let’s get started!

Standard Soccer Field Dimensions in Feet

According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the standard soccer field dimensions must be between 100-130 yards (90-120 meters) in length and 50-100 yards (45-90 meters) in width. This means that the total playing area should be between 5,000 and 13,000 square yards. In terms of feet, this translates to a length of 300-390 feet and a width of 165-330 feet.

The goal area, also known as the penalty area, is a rectangular area located in front of each goal. Its dimensions are 44 yards (40 meters) in length and 18 yards (16.5 meters) in width. In feet, this means the goal area is 264 feet in length and 54 feet in width.

The penalty spot, where players take penalty kicks, is located 12 yards (11 meters) from the goal line. In feet, this translates to 36 feet from the goal line.

Variations in Soccer Field Dimensions

While the standard soccer field dimensions are set by FIFA, there are variations in field size depending on the level of play and the location of the game. For example, youth soccer fields are often smaller in size to accommodate younger players. Indoor soccer fields are also smaller in size to fit the indoor arena. In addition, some countries have their own regulations on soccer field dimensions.

In the United States, the Major League Soccer (MLS) has a minimum field size requirement of 70 yards (64 meters) in width and 110 yards (100 meters) in length. This translates to a playing area of 7,700 square yards. In feet, the MLS field size is 330 feet in length and 230 feet in width.

Regulations on Soccer Field Dimensions

It’s important to note that soccer field dimensions are not just for aesthetics, but also for safety and fairness in the game. FIFA has strict regulations on the dimensions of the field, including the size of the goalposts and the distance between the touchline and the advertising boards. Any violation of these regulations can result in penalties or even disqualification from the game.

Additionally, the condition of the field also plays a crucial role in the game. FIFA regulations state that the field should be flat, smooth, and free of any hazards that may cause injury to players. The field must also have proper drainage to prevent water accumulation and maintain a consistent playing surface.


In conclusion, soccer field dimensions in feet are an important aspect of the game. The standard soccer field dimensions set by FIFA are between 100-130 yards in length and 50-100 yards in width. However, there are variations in field size depending on the level of play and location of the game. It’s essential to follow regulations on soccer field dimensions to ensure safety and fairness in the game. So, the next time you’re watching a soccer game or playing one, you’ll have a better understanding of the dimensions of the field. Thanks for reading, and see you in our next article!

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