Saints’ Cameron Jordan Says ‘No Amount of Money’ Could Make Him Play for Browns

Saints’ Cameron Jordan Says ‘No Amount of Money’ Could Make Him Play for Browns It is obvious that Cameron Jordan does not hold a particularly positive opinion of Cleveland.

In a tweet that was sent out on Friday, the defensive end for the New Orleans Saints stated that he would never play for the Browns.

Jordan did not go into further detail regarding the factors that contributed to his dislike of Cleveland. Since his selection by the Saints in the draft in 2011, the seven-time Pro Bowler has spent his entire career with the Saints. Since he is bound to the team through the 2024 season by a contract, he cannot leave the team despite any desire to do so that he may have.

Since their return to the league in 1999 as an expansion franchise, the Browns have only twice qualified for the postseason. The team hadn’t won a playoff game since the 1994 season when they prevailed over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Round of the 2020 playoffs.

In other words, if Jordan wants to extend his winning streak into the later stages of his career, Cleveland is not the best place for him to play.

Because the temperature was very low when the Saints went to see the Browns, this may be something else that plays a role in Jordan’s decision. Jordan spent his childhood years in Arizona, then went on to play college football in California before beginning his professional career in Louisiana. Because Jordan has not experienced much cold weather in either his personal or professional life, it is possible that he just wants to make sure that everything stays above freezing.


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