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It has been determined through the application of the binomial distribution that your chances of success are 39.6%. ———————————- There are only two outcomes that could occur in each and every trial. Either you are successful in striking the target, or you are not. Since the probability of hitting the target on a given attempt is not dependent on the outcome of any other attempt, the binomial distribution is the one that needs to be used to solve this problem. Binomial probability distribution It is the probability of exactly x successes on n repeated trials, with p probability, and the formula for calculating it is as follows: is the number of unique ways in which x items from a set of n elements can be combined, and it can be calculated as follows: ———————————- 63% chance of successfully hitting the target; therefore, two throws; therefore, you need to successfully hit it twice in order to win; therefore, the probability is P(X = 2). 0.396 is equivalent to a 39.6% chance of winning. You can find a problem that is very similar to this one at

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