How To Say Brother In Spanish

How to Say Brother in Spanish
Learning how to say “brother” in Spanish is a great way to expand your Spanish vocabulary. Whether you’re visiting a Spanish-speaking country or want to speak to a friend who speaks Spanish, knowing the right word to use is essential. Luckily, there are many options for saying “brother” in Spanish. Depending on the context, you may use different words or phrases. Here we’ll cover the most common words and phrases for saying “brother” in Spanish.

The Basic Word for Brother in Spanish

The most basic and direct translation for “brother” in Spanish is “hermano.” This is the singular word for brother, indicating that you’re talking about just one brother. To say “my brother,” for example, you would say “mi hermano.”

Saying Brothers in Spanish

If you’re talking about more than one brother, the Spanish word for “brothers” is “hermanos.” To say “my brothers,” you would say “mis hermanos.” Additionally, you may also hear the phrase “los hermanos,” which translates to “the brothers.”

Informal Terms for Brother

In Spanish, there are also a few slang words and informal phrases you can use to refer to or address a brother. One of the most common is “mano,” which is short for “hermano” and is used as an affectionate or casual term for brother.

If you’re talking to your brother, you may also address him as “hermanito” or “hermanito mío,” which are both terms of endearment meaning “little brother.” Similarly, if you have an older brother, you may refer to him as “hermano mayor,” which translates to “big brother.”

Unisex Terms for Siblings

In Spanish, there are also terms that can be used to refer to siblings regardless of gender. For example, “hermanastro” is a unisex term for brother or sister, and so is “herman@.”

Family Relationships in Spanish

Finally, there are also Spanish terms for family relationships that go beyond just “brother” or “sister.” For example, “prímo” is the Spanish word for “cousin,” while “tío” and “tía” are the terms for “uncle” and “aunt,” respectively.

Knowing how to say “brother” in Spanish is a useful way to expand your Spanish vocabulary and communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers. With the right words and phrases, you can easily say what you need to and make sure everyone understands you.

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