classify the following triangle check all that apply

The given triangle consists of both an isosceles triangle and a right-angled triangle. What exactly is a triangle? A triangle is a shape that only exists in two dimensions and has three sides and a sum that is equal to all of its angles. Here we have a triangle with an angle of and two sides that are equal to each other. Therefore, we are aware that a right-angled triangle is formed whenever any angle in a triangle is equal to 90 degrees. Isosceles triangles are formed when any two of the three sides of a triangle are the same length. Consequently, we can deduce from the information presented thus far that the triangle in question is of the isosceles and right-angled variety. As a result, we are able to conclude that the triangle in question is an Isosceles triangle with a right angle. Click on this link ( for additional information regarding triangles.

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