at which event must special care

The correct statement is that utmost care must be taken for preparation of food for the guests when they are invited for special occasions and relate to one’s liberty and dignity. Necessary precautions like quantity of salt, spiciness of the food as per the guest’s preferences, etc. must also be taken to ensure that the dining experience is enhanced. Preparation of foodWhen guests are invited over for lunch or dinner for events like marriage meetings, company meetings, club meetings, etc. special care must be taken. If the guests being invited are diabetic, it must be taken care of that the sweets or deserts are either completely avoided or are prepared sugar-free. The amount of salt in the meals, chilled beverages and food should be enough hot and evenly cooked so that the dining experience is cherished by the guests. Hence, the preparation of food items must be taken special care of during the invitation to guests in accordance to the taste and preferences of the guest being invited. Learn more about preparation of food

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